Loughlin Water Associates, LLC, a full-service water resource and geoscience consulting firm located in Park City, Utah, is seeking a hydrogeologist, groundwater engineer, or geological engineer for a full-time position. Duties will include hydrogeological evaluations, well drilling and construction oversight, water sampling, aquifer testing and analysis, technical evaluations, and report writing. A M.S. degree in hydrogeology, groundwater engineering, or geological engineering with emphasis in groundwater resources is preferred along with strong geologic and GIS skills. A minimum of 1 year experience is desired.

Loughlin Water Associates, LLC, has extensive experience and knowledge in a wide array of geologic, hydrologic, and engineering disciplines. We specialize in groundwater resource development, troubleshooting and rehabilitation of wells and springs, protection of water resources, assessment of source capacity and water quality, dewatering studies, groundwater modeling, technical support for water rights and water-related litigation, and expert witness testimony.

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